Automotive recycling

Repair Shop waste

From motors to mufflers, if it is metal we will take your business

Towing companies and dealerships

We will provide a place to take your unwanted vehicles be it just worn out or a total loss. Special rates may apply, contact us for details.

Used Parts Network

We are also part of the car-part network and attempt to keep your vehicles going with quality used parts from our inventory prior to dismantling and processing for recycle. You can pull parts or have us pull them for you.

Vintage auto

Parts and Cars

Occasionally we come across vintage cars and trucks in a restorable condition and place them up for sell or sell parts to restoration shops.

Current vehicles

  • 70 1/2 Ford Falcon
  • 78 Ford Mustang Cobra

Do you have an old car in your way?

If you have an old car or just a car you do not want anymore, contact us for free pickup and we will pay you for your car!